Version 3.7 of OpenSF has been released and can be downloaded here.

OpenSF is now available with a new Graphical User Interface (developed on Eclipse RCP).

Release Notes are available here.

User registration is required. Please find detailed instructions here.

The following is a short list of new features and corrections:

New Features

  • Migration to Eclipse RCP
  • Log filter improvements
  • Timeline management interface enhancement
  • Support to Python 3.X
  • Improvements of Timeline Management panel
  • Session execution progress status
  • Upgrade to support MySQL 5.7
  • Consolidate repository interface (i.e. menu bar and contextual menus)
  • New menu layout according to OSX guidelines.


  • Output of file selection is placed into description field.
  • Problem opening big files in Parameter Editor
  • User input accepted only if RETURN is pressed.
  • Perturbed parameters session execution: wrong local configuration file used

Additional information