The inStrumeNt sourcE pAcket toolKit (SNEAK) is composed of a set of command line utilities to extract/manipulate the values of specific ISP fields in L0 RAW files -- DFDL4S is used to access the binary files.


The toolkit currently includes the following tools:

- isp_extractor, extract specific ISP field(s) into a CSV text file

isp_transform, update specific ISP field(s) according to a timeline


All tools, developed in C++, are available for Linux, MacOS and Windows (64bit).

For a description of the command line options, run the tool with the --help option, For example

    $ isp_extractor --help

The tools makes use of the Mission Schema Files for S2G / DFDL4S, which can be found here. The schemas need to be extracted from the Jar files in order to be used by ISP Extractor.


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