OpenSF v3.8.0 has been released and can be downloaded here.

Release Notes are available here.

User registration is required. Please find detailed instructions here.

New Features

  • Enabled editing all simulation elements (i.e. Descriptors, Model, Sessions)
  • Introduction of User Modes: Normal mode for end users; Developer mode for Module's developers and integrators.
  • Automatic execution of multiple sessions (batch processing) based on user provided parameters iteration using "Parameter Set" files, describing parameter¬†customization for the batch sessions.
  • Enabled customization of parameter visibility in Parameters tab
  • Consolidation of the use of time stamps format in Timeline and Log views
  • Added highlight to warn about using deprecated format in time stamps
  • Updated version of Eclipse RCP used by OpenSF


  • Corrected session executions handling to allow re-execution
  • Corrected storage of 3D ARRAY parameters dimensions
  • Corrected export and import of OpenSF Database
  • Enabled inline editing¬† of parameter values in Parameter Editor (F2 shortcut)
  • Consolidated time format used in example timeline XML file
  • Corrected handling of parameters iterations directly in the Parameters table
  • Consolidated log messages of sessions in validation test dataset
  • Corrected parameters display to include group/module names in the Iterate Dialog
  • Corrected panel layout to avoid disappearing buttons when resizing windows
  • Enabled automatic creation of ''openSF.log'' when it doesn't exist (avoiding spurios error message)
  • Added additional feedback when creating/editing modules
  • Corrected error while adding extra IO files to a descriptor
  • Improved panel layout in the Descriptors view
  • Improved "Invalid parameter" notifications to include triggering parameter(s)
  • Improved "Missing files" notifications to include list of related files
  • Improved internal handling of relative paths
  • Ensured temporary parameter changes are used during time-driven session executions
  • Improvements to specification of new DB scripts (during installation)
  • Corrected display issues on MacOS 10.14 (Mojave)
  • Enabled editing the Maximum Directory Copy Depth option via Preferences
  • Enabled saving new timeline file based on current time segments
  • Improved Look and Feel of session execution summary
  • Corrected behaviour of the progress bar in the Execution View
  • Corrected the calculation of session execution elapsed time
  • Corrected error when closing the DB view after changes
  • Enabled reuse of DB credentials when creating a new DB
  • Corrected handling of TIME structured type in Parameter Editor
  • Enabled progress update when opening Session Execution from Multi-Session Execution summary
  • Corrected validation dataset example by adding missing version attribute to Modules configuration file
  • Corrected storage of array of TIME parameters which had unexpected quote in XML file
  • Corrected handling of array parameters dimensions during copy/paste operations
  • Corrected Timeline file name refresh after loading new file
  • Corrected rendering Module mode columns in Timeline Editor
  • Corrected handling of strings values with spaces in Parameter Editor
  • Corrected path composition in the statistic perturbed sessions
  • Corrected session import error due to export/import functionality mismatch with DB
  • Corrected automatic upgrade of old openSF DB into DB version v4.0
  • Corrected scroll while hovering over session panels (Windows Only)

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