OpenSF v3.9.0 has been released and can be downloaded here.

User registration is required. Please find detailed instructions here.

New Features

  • Removed the concepts of Stages and Sessions
      This implies an automatic DB upgrade to a new format.
      Once upgraded to the new format, the DB becomes incompatible in previous OpenSF versions
  • Added "Show Log" button to the execution
  • Added display of custom Simulation folder in File System repository
  • Enabled deleting multiple Simulation Executions in a single step (using multiple selection)
  • Improved organization of the test validation dataset


  • Removed flickering when changing status in the Parameter Visibility dialog
  • Corrected incorrect collapse of file tree in the Setup/Configuration pane (macOS only)
  • Corrected default size of Module selection dialog (Linux only)
  • Corrected setup of path used to find dynamic libraries (i.e DY/LD_LIBRARY_PATH and PATH)
  • Updated documentation to refer Ubuntu 18.04 as reference supported Linux platform
  • Corrected splash screen not displaying (Windows only)
  • Corrected failing examples due to the dimensions mismatch of the 1D arrays
  • Corrected export failed for results of sub-sessions
  • Corrected title displayed for new module panel

All Release Notes are available here. 

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