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folderECSS Standards for Ground Segments2013-09-20 13:03
folderMission Convention Documents2019-05-28 07:38
folderobsolete2019-05-28 07:38
fileGeneric EO Project Schedule Overview 2009-03-11 no-logo.png2011-11-04 09:20424 KB
fileGMV-ARCHEO-E2E-TN-002-EO E2ES Reference Architecture v3.2.pdf2018-05-02 14:4013084 KB
fileGS_Generic_Tree_of_Documents 2007-11-07.xls2012-12-03 16:2754 KB
filePE-ID-ESA-GS-464 Generic E2E Simulator ICD V1.2.4.pdf2018-06-07 14:491600 KB
filePE-ID-ESA-GS-584-1.4-EO_Mission_SW_File_Format_Specs.pdf2019-05-27 16:141095 KB
filePE-TN-ESA-GS-0001 EO GS File Format Standard 2.0.pdf2014-09-16 10:36771 KB
filePE-TN-ESA-GS-0001 EO GS File Format Standard 3.0 signed.pdf2018-12-14 15:571450 KB
filePE-TN-ESA-GS-121 Handbook for EO XML and Binary Schemas 1.7.1.pdf2015-09-25 08:571039 KB
filePE-TN-ESA-GS-319 Earth Observation Guidelines for Interface Verification Requirements v1.2.2.pdf2013-09-04 08:41596 KB
filePE-TN-ESA-GS-344 OPS_angle_computation_with_CFI v1.0.pdf2012-09-27 11:29208 KB
filePE-TN-ESA-GS-357 Basic degraded data definition for GSV.pdf2013-09-04 08:46467 KB
filePE-TN-ESA-GS-402 Generic_E2E_simulator+L1PP+L2PP Requirement Spec_Issue1_1.pdf2016-10-03 09:272530 KB
filePE-TN-ESA-GS-405 GS inputs to on-board data architecture v1_4.pdf2019-02-21 16:141316 KB
filePE-TN-ESA-GS-586 EO generic RAW and L0 specification_signed.pdf2017-04-12 12:28302 KB
filePE-TN-ESA-SY-0305 Earth Observation OPS commanding definition v1.9.pdf2011-11-11 14:141432 KB
filePE-TN-ESA-SY-0338 OPS Angle Definition and Calculation v1.2.pdf2012-09-26 09:514980 KB