The following Table reports issues found in the latest version of Branch 4.x (Version 4.17).


  • ACKNOWLEDGED: Investigation is in progress.
  • CONFIRMED: Problem confirmed.
  • ASSIGNED: Solution is being implemented.


Status Summary
   ASSIGNED Several documentation issues:
 - description missing for some C API functions and data structures
 - incorrect type definition for data structures
 - C++/Java General Sum missing/incorrect mapping to C API
 0812 CONFIRMED  DEM target found with xp_target_range is not guaranteed to be at requested range
 0814 ASSIGNED  Changes in IERS bulletin B format prevents loading files made available since 2019-04-02 
 0825 CONFIRMED  InternalError::setSilent(lib)/setVerbose(lib) (in EOCFI C++ API) are not working 


Additional information