Version 4.11 (C, C++, Java Libraries) of the Earth Observation Mission CFI Software (v4.X branch) has been released and can be downloaded here.

Release Notes are available here.

User registration is required. Please find detailed instructions here.

The following is a short list of new features and problems solved:

New Features:

  • New platform: Windows 64-bit.
  • Java API: upgrade to Java version 8.
  • Upgrade to libxml2 version 2.9.2.
  • New Missions supported: BIOMASS, SAOCOM-CS, Sentinel-5.
  • Aeolus Mission: orbit parameters changed according to new orbit requirements.
  • TLE designators updated for Sentinel-1A/2A/3A.
  • New function to extract attitude data (quaternions or roll-pitch-yaw angles) from attitude_id.
  • New function to generate attitude data (list of quaternions and roll-pitch-yaw angles).
  • Support for new DEM type: ACE2 3 arcsec.


Major problems solved:

  • 610: xo_orbit_id_init: crash in ANX computation (XL_Car_Kep: semi-major axis undefined).
  • 630: xo_orbit_init_def: date is not set correctly.
  • 631: GEO satellites: OsvComputeExtra gives wrong results.
  • 633: xp_dem_init: wrong message string. (this problem has been reported by the S3 IPF Team).
  • 645: xv_zonevistime_compute: wrong start/stop time with swath/zone covering pole.
  • 646: Error in DEM intersection algorithm. (this problem has been reported by the S3 IPF Team). NOTE: the specific reported problem has been identified and corrected. The intersection algorithm robustness has been improved so that, in the unlikely event that the DEM intersection algorithm fails, an approximated result is provided and a warning is returned.