Version 4.14 (C, C++, Java Libraries) of the Earth Observation Mission CFI Software (v4.X branch) has been released and can be downloaded here.

Release Notes are available here.

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The following is a short list of new features and problems solved:

New Features

  • Support for new mission: FLEX
  • Tools and functions for generation of orbit and attitude file: TLE file is allowed as input
  • Orbit propagation (e.g. xo_osv_compute function): when the orbit Id is initialised with a TLE file it is allowed to propagate after 1 day of the TLE epoch
  • Visibility library, xv_zonevistime_compute function: visibility segments can be calculated also with a ROF (Restituded Orbit File) covering less than one orbit
  • Visibility functions: visibility segments can be computed with a new instrument swath geometry defined by azimuth and incidence angle
  • The Swath Definition File format has been extended to support a new geometry type: Incidence angle
  • New attitude model: MetOp-SG
  • New functions to convert CCSDS Unsegmented Time Code (CUC) to processing time (and vice-versa)
  • Support for Jason-CS Doris files
  • Function xv_gen_scf (Visibility library) generates SCF files compliant with ESOV supported format
  • New function xp_free_target_id_data (Pointing library) to release data of xp_target_id_data type

Major problems solved

  • 656 - Zone visibility function does not calculate all segments when using TLE file (Problem reported by the ESOV development team)
  • 684 - ANX MLST calculated by the xo_orbit_info is not correct when an Orbit Scenario File with MLST drift different from zero is used
  • 703 - targetListInter crash when no Intersection between LOS vector and Earth Surface (Problem reported by the EPS-SG INR team (EUMETSAT))
  • 704 - xo_orbit_init_def: wrong validity time (Problem reported by the ESOV development team)
  • 708 - targetListInter: exception when no solution is found