Version 1.3 of SAMIEdit (SAtellite MIssions 3D visualisation application) has been released and can be downloaded here.

Release Notes are available here.

User registration is required. Please find detailed instructions here.

New Features

  • Update of Aeolus 3D model
  • Integration of EarthCARE 3D model and mission files
  • EOCFI libraries updated to v4.14
  • Improved switch between Manual and Timeline camera mode (through application menu)
  • Project time window adjusted automatically when loading input orbit/attitude files outside time window 
  • Project time window adjusted automatically when switching to Real-Time mode
  • Improved checks on project file contents (if referenced file does not exist)
  • Made configurable the minimum elevation angle of the Ground Stations mask 
  • Highlight satellite info overlay of the satellite being displayed in the 3D satellite view (to distinguish satellites of the same constellation)
  • Make editable the duration field of timeline blocks
  • Swath contour internally regenerated whenever an orbit change takes place in an Orbit Scenario File


  • Fix step synchronisation problem with video export 
  • Mac OS X: Fix Earth distortion in Full screen mode
  • Mac OS X: Improve rendering of fonts 
  • Remove 3D object shadowing during satellite eclipse 
  • Labels and text overlays changed from white to light grey colour to improve readability over Earth ice caps