Version 4.16 (C, C++, Java Libraries) of the Earth Observation Mission CFI Software (v4.X branch) has been released and can be downloaded here.

Release Notes are available here.

User registration is required. Please find detailed instructions here.

The following is a summary of new features and problems solved:

  • New functionality to calculate Area of Interest based on SDF and time interval
  • Added support for field of view definition of Sun/Moon looking instrument
  • New functionality to perform orbit data check/validation (w.r.t. to configurable thresholds)
  • Added user-friendly definition (enums) of attitude model parameters  
  • Enabled support for ACE2 DEM 5arcmin
  • Enabled support of TLE for Sentinel-5P, Sentinel-3B and Aelous

  • 725 - Corrected the calculation of the Mean Local Solar Time drift
  • 734 - Adjusted limitation of number of characters in input paths to accept path lengths up to the limit imposed by the Linux kernel
  • 735 - Enabled deterministic resource in the Java API by making Attitude and Target implement AutoCloseable
  • 741 - Corrected the configuration of MetopSG attitude using Attitude Definition File (ATTDEF)
  • 746 - Enabled handling void values in DEM (warning when geolocating using void values; indirect use of void values reported as error)
  • 757 - Corrected issue in schema validation of DEM configuration files