Version of SAMIEdit (SAtellite MIssions 3D visualisation application) has been released and can be downloaded here.

Release Notes are available here.

User registration is required. Please find detailed instructions here.


New Features

  • Integration of the following new satellite model with example mission files:
    • SEOSAT
  • Updates on the following existing satellite models:
    • EarthCARE
    • Sentinel-6
  • Time block improvements (add multiple blocks with given repetition pattern, clear timeline)
  • Config.xml: Added customisation of satellite / ground station billboard colours and sizes, satellite model average brightness, default folder for exported images/movies, camera mode at start-up
  • Enable/disable display of direction from satellite to the Moon
  • Animation triggered through contextual met (right-click) on 3D satellite part
  • Up-to-date mission configuration files and example projects

Bug Fixes

  • Text overlay info (seconds since ANX, orbit number) does not handle properly leading zeroes
  • Reset of history tracks produces graphical artefacts under certain circumstances
  • Drop-down menu items present a spurious disabled state under certain circumstances
  • The creation //edition of satellite thrusters timeline behaves incorrectly