Earth Observation Mission CFI Software v4.19 has been released!

The latest version can be downloaded here with the detailed release notes available here.

User registration is required. Please find detailed instructions here.

The following is a summary of new features and problems solved in Version 4.19.

New Features & Improvements

  • Enabled support for ASTER Global Digital Elevation (GDEM) V3
  • Enabled orbit initialization based on CCSDS OEM XML files
  • Enabled support for <Reference_Frame> tag in Attitude Angles files
  • Defined size of file paths based on X*_MAX_PATH macro
  • Corrected setSilent()/setVerbose() for EOCFI C++ libraries
  • Enabled using repeat cycle of 1 day in OSF
  • Improvements to the Software User Manual

Bug Fixes

  • Extended xv_orbit_extra to allow calculating results up to 2050
  • Corrected xp_sat_nominal_att_init_file to handle star tracker attitude files
  • Corrected xp_instr_att_init_file to handle star tracker attitude files
  • Adjusted internal threshold to allow calculate Aeolus nominal attitude reference frame in xp_attitude_compute
  • Enabled passing NULL as unused time1/time0 and orbit0/orbit1 parameters in xl_time_ref_init_file and xo_orbit_init_file
  • Corrected memory leak in xl_change_cart_cs when converting from XL_BM1950 to XL_BM2000