Version 2.6.2 of ESOVNG (Swath and Orbit Visualisation tool) has been released and can be downloaded here.

Release Notes are available here.

User registration is required. Please find detailed instructions here.


New Features

  • Consolidation of Esov scenario file, segments file exports and timeline files (SCF) regarding types of orbit configuration
  • Decoupling of orbit/time range calculation conversion in orbit panel
  • Review of UTC time/orbit file validity applied to orbit panel
  • Changes in orbit scenario file info panel


  • ANR-428: Error message if SZA active and set to 90 deg. and ORBIT or instrument without SZA flag is ON
  • ANR-431: If UTC time before Start UTC in orbit parameters panel an error message is raised and the application exits
  • ANR-433: Title of Style Manager not updated when selecting certain elements in the Layer Manger (e.g POI, Borders)
  • ANR-443: Rounding issue when transforming between (Start Orbit, # orbits) and UTC Start/Stop
  • ANR-446: In orbit parameters panel, a change to the Abs. Reference Orbit is not persistent the first time
  • ANR-448: Esov crashes if swapping from orbit parameters panel to Orbit Scenario file and Start Orbit < AbsRefOrbit in OSF
  • ANR-449: Predicted Orbit File validity calculated in orbit panel doe not cover the complete file
  • ANR-450: Segments not correctly placed when opening Esov scenario file
  • ANR-451: Segments not correctly placed when loading Swath Timeline file (SCF) generated using predicted/restituted/TLE orbit files
  • ANR-465: Start/stop UTC Dates not correctly checked under certain circumstances
  • ANR-484: Mission file update mechanism not working
  • ANR-485: Crash when clicking on combo box in macOS Mojave

Updated Mission Files

  • Up-to-date orbit and instrument swath files