Version 2.5.2 of the S2G Data Viewer has been released and can be downloaded here.

Release Notes are available here.

User registration is required. Please find detailed instructions here.

New Features

  • S2G has been built using the latest DFDL4S v1.61 library
    • Internal changes have been performed in S2G to adapt to DFDL4S API
  • Option to "Copy Path"/"Copy Value” to the clipboard has been added to the data fields context menu
  • An horizontal slider has been added to the Packet List panel
  • Added a progress bar with percentage of evolution for data transformation and report generation
  • Two new transformations are supported:
    • Transformation Annotated ISP --> ISP
    • Transformation Annotated CADU --> CADU
  • Check for Updates: the new/updated mission JARs are imported automatically in S2G after download, replacing Standard schemas with older version number
  • Schema list has been sorted alphabetically


  • ANR-221: CADU-->TF transformation parameters: Selection not persistent if input is an Annotated CADU
  • ANR-222: Report generated during TF-->ISP Transformation contains error messages which are not consistent with the input / output data
  • ANR-235: Linux: Restitute alternate row colors in Data Unit List and Fields panels
  • ANR-242c: In plots with APID (hex) selected for the y axis,  the correspondence between packet number and APID is not correct
  • ANR-245: It is not possible to select and scroll across pages in the Hex view: the selection limited to portion visible in the pane
  • ANR-247: The feature to double click on a byte in the Hex view to jump to related data unit does not work
  • ANR-251: Search does not seem to work if there are packets with 'Unable to retrieve value' on that field
  • ANR-252: Generating report with padlock locked does not limit the check to top unit level

Updated Mission Schemas

  • Aeolus X-Band
  • EarthCARE X-Band
  • MetOp-SG-A Ka-Band
  • MetOp-SG-B Ka-Band
  • Sentinel-2 X-Band
  • Sentinel-3 X-Band
  • Sentinel-5 X-Band
  • Sentnel-6 X-Band
  • Seosat X-band
  • Swarm S-Band