Earth Observation Mission CFI Software v4.21 has been released!

The latest version can be downloaded here with the detailed release notes available here.

User registration is required. Please find detailed instructions here.

The following is a summary of new features and problems solved in Version 4.21.

New Features & Improvements

  • Optimisation of EOCFI library size
      - EOCFI C reduced from ~1.5GB to ~210MB
      - EOCFI C++/JAVA reduced from ~150MB to ~60MB
  • Optimisation of precise propagator runtime performance
      - runtime improved by 100x
  • Enabled use of custom SP3 satellite identifiers
  • Optimisation of memory used by DEM tile cache depending on height type
      - only the strictly necessary memory is used for int16/32/64 and float32/64 pixel size
  • Enabled loading of overlapping Attitude data files
  • Optimisation of loading orbit data with time/orbit number filtering in xd_read_orbit_file/xo_orbit_init_file
  • Enabled Model parameters specification using both numerical and textual values in Attitude and Swath definition files

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected calculation of Target-to-Sun visibility flag
  • Corrected “maximum iterations reached” error in xo_position_on_orbit_to_time
  • Corrected memory leaks when loading IERS bulletins in xl_time_ref_init_file
  • Corrected failure to compute valid solution in xp_target_range
  • Corrected memory leaks when using precise propagation in xo_osv_compute
  • Corrected internal memory management that caused EOCFI Java examples to crash on Windows
  • Corrected LoS intersection with DEM calculation that resulted in occasional positive/negative height spikes
  • Corrected memory leaks related to copy constructors/destructors in EOCFI C++
  • Corrected calculation of absolute orbit number when initializing orbit with EOM file
  • Correct handling of Fixed Header in EOCFI Java (i.e. ensure all fields where properly set)
  • Correct rotation matrix to quaternions calculation that returned NaN
  • Correct critical failure when calling xv_timesegments_compute_* function with uninitialized Orbit Id
  • Correct handling of -fit_mode and -tstep options in gen_tle tool