Version 2.5.3 of the S2G Data Viewer has been released and can be downloaded here.

Release Notes are available here.

User registration is required. Please find detailed instructions here.

New Features

  • S2G has been built using the latest DFDL4S v1.7.0 library
    • Internal changes have been performed in S2G to adapt to DFDL4S API
  • New Open File dialog
    • Implemented 'drag & drop' gesture to open files
    • It is possible to open a list of files at once or a folder containing a list of files (files must be of the same type)
  • New feature to search and filter data product given a data field value
    • Pre-defined list of fields are provided in pull-down menu
    • Custom field can be provided by manually typing the path to the field or pasting the content of the “Copy Path / Copy Value” from the clipboard
  • Added support for Reed Solomon computation in CADU files Sentinel-5/MetOp-SG-A/B (R-S code (255,223) with I=4)


  • ANR-242ab: Plots improvements
    • In plots with APID (hex) selected for the /y axis, the values do not increase based on 'hex' value
    • Axis ticks for integer data values should not contain decimal digits —> New type yyType=“Integer”
  • ANR-253: Stylesheet is not applied to XML report in web browser due to web browser security restricting local file loads by local pages
  • ANR-255: S2G reports the expected SSC wrapping as an "Invalid SSC Gap detected”

New Mission Schemas

  • Biomass X-Band

Updated Mission Schemas

  • Aeolus X-Band
  • EarthCARE X-Band
  • MetOp-SG-A Ka-Band
  • MetOp-SG-B Ka-Band
  • MTG Ka-Band
  • Sentinel-1 X-Band
  • Sentinel-2 X-Band
  • Sentinel-3 X-Band
  • Sentinel-4 Ka-Band
  • Sentinel-5 X-Band
  • Sentinel-5P X-Band
  • Sentinel-6 X-Band
  • Seosat X-band
  • Swarm S-Band