Version 2.0.7 of the EOMER 2D/3D orbit and swath visualisation tool has been released and can be downloaded here.

Release Notes are available here.

User registration is required. Please find detailed instructions here.


New Features

  • Interoperability with other tools / file standards:
    • Import / Export of ESOV NG Swath Control Files
    • Support for Swath Definition File (fixed swath and nominal attitude sections)
    • Support for CCSDS orbit files OEM, OPM, OMM
  • Improvements to Report:
    • Added the longitude of ascending node for each visibility pass
  • Added functionality to estimate on-board recorder occupancy profiles taking into account data-takes planned and downlink plans to ground stations
  • Generation of satellite-to-satellite visibility timelines and evolution viewing angles (azimuth and elevation plots), taking into account field-of-view masks
  • Dedicated EOMER Help available via Eomer menu Help and online (see link)


  • Use ANX longitude and ANX MLST as driving parameters to calculate the ANX UTC time
  • Report: Orbit column sorted by orbit number instead of by string
  • Start-up error: “Coverage Satellite orbit not valid”
  • Earth Map does not display textures

Updated Mission Configuration

  • General update of mission configuration file (mission configuration update mechanism triggered by default at start-up)