Earth Observation Mission CFI Software v4.24 has been released!

The latest version can be downloaded here with the detailed release notes available here.

User registration is required.  Please find detailed instructions here.

The following is a summary of new features and problems solved in this release.

New Features & Improvements

  • Enabled support for MS Visual Studio 2022 + Windows 10
  • Enabled support for pre-computed maximum altitude mini-tiles for Generic DEM
  • Enabled reading OEM Useable Start Time and Useable Stop Time fields
  • Enable the use of multiple AEM files to initialize Attitude

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected EOCFI usage in MATLAB Technical Note
  • Corrected memory leaks in xv_stationvistime_compute when using SDF
  • Added missing information in C++ API documentation
  • Corrected use of symbolic links for 3rd party libraries in EOCFI packages
  • Corrected calculation of semi-major axis and inclination when MLST drift != 0
  • Corrected generation of OSF based on input inclination
  • Corrected xo_orbit_init_def for orbits based on INCLINATION drift mode
  • Corrected multiple typos in error messages
  • Corrected multiple documentation issues
  • Corrected the handling of multiple OS line endings when reading TLE files
  • Corrected leap second interpretation in IERS bulletin B
  • Corrected value of enumerate for IERS bulleting in EOCFI Java
  • Corrected the access to model data in EOCFI Java