Earth Observation Mission CFI Software v4.25 has been released!

The latest version can be downloaded here with the detailed release notes available here.

User registration is required.  Please find detailed instructions here.

The following is a summary of new features and problems solved in this release.

New Features & Improvements

  • Support ANX longitude drift (limited to ORBSCT).  See Section 5 in Release Notes for limitations in the implementation and usage of this feature
  • Added information about customisation of OpenMP parameters through environment variables
  • Enhancements implemented in EOCFI C examples

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed incorrect height calculation when using Standard Atmosphere
  • Error returned in case appearance parameter (xv_gen_scf ) is not valid
  • Corrected multiple issues in EOCFI Java documentation
  • Corrected missing figures in Orbit and Pointing C libraries SUMs
  • Corrected error when setting sat_id for TRUTHS
  • Corrected inclusion of statically linked 3rd partly dependencies in EOCFI C++ libraries
  • Corrected documentation issue: Incorrect Matrix_Model/Row_*/Column_*
  • Corrected geolocation runtime (xp_target_inter) degradation between v4.22 and v4.23
  • Corrected issue with PSO=0, resulting sometimes in UTC time & data from previous ANX
  • Corrected issue of 5 seconds shift in ANX UTC time when input ASCII time is equal to time of orbit change (xo_osv_compute_extra)
  • Corrected zone coverage information assigned to the incorrect zone_id (xv_zonevistime_compute)