The Earth Observation CFI software is a collection of precompiled C libraries for timing, coordinate conversions, orbit propagation, satellite pointing calculations, and target visibility calculations. This software is made available by the EOP system support division to any user involved in the Earth Observation missions preparation/exploitation.

As of version 4.0, the Earth Observation CFI Software is available both as C and C++ precompiled libraries and Java libraries.

Users can download the Software upon registration and agreement on the usage terms and conditions (licence).

Two fully supported and maintained Software branches are available:

  • Earth Observation CFI v3.X branch
  • Earth Observation CFI v4.X branch

As a consequence of the new functionalities introduced in branch v4.X, several function interfaces have been modified with respect to branch v3.X.
A transition note gives further details on the interface changes.

Please note that releases older than 3.0 are not maintained anymore.

For Support Requests please write an email to:

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