The EO Orbit and Attitude Adapter generates Orbit and Attitude files compliant with EOCFI format using data extracted from one or more binary files, for example files containing Telemetry packets including Orbit and Attitude information such as NAVATT packets. Orbit and Attitude files can then be ingested by EOCFI functions within a user application. The Adapter can be used as a command line program or as a software library within a user application.


 The Adapter receives as input:

  • One or more Input Files containing orbit and attitude data;
  • The Main Configuration File used to set and configure the parser to be used to extract relevant data from the Input Files and set parameters required to write the output files.
  • If applicable, the Data Format Description File: it describes the input data format and is used by the parser to interpret the binary data.

 One of the following parsers can be selected:

  • DFDL4S: the DFDL4S library is used to parse the data. The Data Format Description File has be written according to the Mission Specification Schema format that is based on the standard Data Format Description Language (DFDL).  DFDL is a modeling language based on W3C XML schemas for describing binary data in a standard way;
  • CUSTOM: the user can write a customized parser.

When the DFDL4S parser is used, only elements required to write Orbit and Attitude files are extracted from the binary file (e.g. time, position, velocity, quaternions). Other elements are not extracted. To extract other elements, the DFDL4S library can be used directly, an example is provided within the DFDL4S Software distribution package.