DFDL4S is a generic binary data binding library (Java and C++)  based on the Data Format Description Language (DFDL).

The library interface enables a set of data manipulation operations making use of DFDL schema files to Read and Write binary data (e.g. CCSDS Space Packets).

DFDL4S is provided as Java and C++ library and it is available for several platforms (Windows, Linux and Mac OS X)

Documentation is located here. Online API documentation is available for Java and C++.



Version 1.6.0[Released]

  • expand API to support a wide range of operation over the element tree structure (i.e. allow access to element size)

  • support custom field formatting based on a given representation
  • enable progress information while loading/interpreting binary files
  • allow customization of JAVA_OPTS used by DFDL4S++
  • minor corrections to DFDL4S++ API
  • upgrade 3rd party libraries used by DFDL4S/DFDL4S++
  • upgrade DFDL4S++ compiler toolchain
  • optimize DFDL4S linkage to JVM libraries

 Version 1.6.1 : [Released] Latest version of DFDL4S/++

  • further improvements to DFDL standard support
    • add support for attributes dfdl:occursCountKind="expression" + dfdl:occursCount="<an-expression>"
  • allow setting integer values in elements of hexadecimal/binary types
  • evaluation of un/marshaling operations performance
  • reduce dependency from 3rd party libraries


Version 1.7.0 : [Spring of 2021]

  • further improvements to DFDL standard support
    • replacement of regular expressions with dfdl:ddefineVariable + XPath 2.0 approach to specify paths
  • extend API to handle time values following CCSDS Time Code Formats
  • extend API to allow reporting CRC/RS errors 
  • extend API to verify Checksum and apply Reed-Solomon Error Correction



For technical support, please contact the DFDL4S helpdesk at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Known Issues

Status Summary
 0056 ASSIGNED  Progress monitor not supported in C++ API








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