SAMIEdit is an application which displays stunning high-definition 3D and 2D real time animation and simulations of ESA Earth Observation Satellites orbiting around the Earth.

The Software is available for download on this site for Windows and Mac OS X (after user registration) or as iPad iOS app on  iTunes.

The satellite position and attitude are controlled by the same real-time software engine used across ESA Earth Observation ground segments.

SAMIEdit allows to show moving parts deployments, like solar arrays and antenna, thruster firing, the entering in area of visibility between the satellite and the ground stations as well as the ground tracks and footprints (swath) of the instruments on-board.

With the editing capabilities of SAMIEdit it is possible to drive various camera views, selection of Earth’s surface textures and display of instrument swaths.

The user can generate standalone animation for kiosk type application and export the result in HD video or as series of snapshots.

For technical support, please contact the SAMI helpdesk at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.