openSF lifecycle is based on fixed regular (every 6 month) maintenance and evolution releases.

Additional releases are made for urgent bug fixes or user requests for improvements.

  • OpenSF 4.1 (released December 2022)
    • Improved capability of Iteration/perturbation
    • Multiple UX improvements
      • General openSF layout
      • Better display of session execution progress
    • Bugs fixes
      • Iteration configuration affected by widget focus
  • OpenSF 4.2 (expected June 2023)
    • Improved support for Ubuntu 22.04 (+Wayland)
    • Multiple overall UX improvements
    • improve import from old version of DB
    • persistent definition of iteration parameters
    • Improved behaviour of PE (no resorting)
  • OpenSF 4.3 (expected Oct 2023)
    • Support for namespaces in configuration files
    • Support for Configuration file schema verification

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