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org.esa.s2g.dfdllib.ErrorIndicator Class Reference

Public Member Functions

boolean hasError ()
String errorMessage ()
boolean isPropagateable ()
boolean isSevere ()
boolean isExpressionMalformed ()
boolean getPathElementNotFound ()
boolean hasNonSevereError ()

Detailed Description

The ErrorIndicator class stored the error information related to an instance of Element.

Member Function Documentation

◆ errorMessage()

String org.esa.s2g.dfdllib.ErrorIndicator.errorMessage ( )

Access the error message

the error message

◆ getPathElementNotFound()

boolean org.esa.s2g.dfdllib.ErrorIndicator.getPathElementNotFound ( )

Indicates the use of invalid path to find an element

flag indicating the use of invalid path to find an element true:
  • exists an invalid path to element false:
  • otherwise

◆ hasError()

boolean org.esa.s2g.dfdllib.ErrorIndicator.hasError ( )

Get the error status

the error status of the element true:
  • if exist errors false:
  • otherwise

◆ hasNonSevereError()

boolean org.esa.s2g.dfdllib.ErrorIndicator.hasNonSevereError ( )

Indicates the occurrence of a non severe error

flag indicating if there was a non severe error true:
  • exists a non severe error false:
  • otherwise

◆ isExpressionMalformed()

boolean org.esa.s2g.dfdllib.ErrorIndicator.isExpressionMalformed ( )

Indicates the presence of expression malformed

flag indicating the presence of expression malformed true:
  • exists an expression malformed false:
  • otherwise

◆ isPropagateable()

boolean org.esa.s2g.dfdllib.ErrorIndicator.isPropagateable ( )

Indicates the presence of propagateable errors

    @return flag indicating if the error is propagateable
                    - is propagateable
                    - otherwise 

◆ isSevere()

boolean org.esa.s2g.dfdllib.ErrorIndicator.isSevere ( )

Indicates the occurrence of severe error

flag indicating if there was a severe error true:
  • exists an severe false:
  • otherwise

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