DFDL4S (DFDL for Space Library)
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org.esa.s2g.dfdllib.InterpreterMonitor Interface Reference

Public Member Functions

void worked (int nrPackets, int incrementPct, String currentTaskMessage)
void worked (String currentTaskMessage)
boolean isCanceled ()

Detailed Description

The InterpreterMonitor interface described the methods used to monitor the Interpreter Progress.

This interface support the callback functionality and can be used in:

Note: Currently, this functionality/interface is only supported in dfdl4s java library

Member Function Documentation

◆ isCanceled()

boolean org.esa.s2g.dfdllib.InterpreterMonitor.isCanceled ( )

Checks is monitor has been canceled

true if canceled; false otherwise

◆ worked() [1/2]

void org.esa.s2g.dfdllib.InterpreterMonitor.worked ( int  nrPackets,
int  incrementPct,
String  currentTaskMessage 

Register the current progress of the Interpreter

nrPacketsthe number of packets currently read
incrementPctthe percentage increment for the current progress update.
currentTaskthe message describing the current progress

◆ worked() [2/2]

void org.esa.s2g.dfdllib.InterpreterMonitor.worked ( String  currentTaskMessage)

Register a message about progress of the Interpreter

currentTaskMessagethe message describing the current progress

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