Version 3.7.2 of OpenSF has been released and can be downloaded here.

Release Notes are available here.

User registration is required. Please find detailed instructions here.

New Features

  • Parameter Editor migrated to Eclipse RCP
  • Improvements for the Parameter Editor:
        · Remove/insert of columns/rows
        · Allow copy/paste of a parameter
        · Matrices/arrays “inline” separators dividing each dimension
        · on-line validation of the configuration files
        · parameter format check
  • Option to split log files by module
  • Improved logger exception handling and persistence
  • Multi-line log messages tooltips (for message field)
  • XSD validation now implemented in OSFI for all languages.


  • UI Persistence changing focus
  • Fix refresh button not working on file system
  • Fix problem of execution deletion deleting only DB entry and not session directory
  • Fix assertion failed: S.TD != V.TD
  • Preference pane in OSX does not work correctly
  • Null Pointer Exception in session with complex types
  • Scrollable tables sometimes return to the top
  • Input folders are only copied partially
  • Old-style arrays cause an exception if they include ndims > 1
  • Bug in the session export feature: cannot find sql, log and zip files in OPENSF_HOME
  • Views are not properly refreshed in GTK
  • Empty window that not closes creating dialogs in Linux
  • Clicking the "databases" button multiple times opens several instances of the related view
  • The command-line options "-user" and "-password" are no longer accepted by the program
  • When a new sub-view is opened, the parent view is not focused
  • Abort session not working
  • Time  in PE is incorrect according to CCSDS ASCII format