Version 1.5.1 of the DFDL4S Java and C++ Libraries has been released and can be downloaded here.

DFDL4S is a generic binary data binding library written in Java and based on the Data Format Description Language (DFDL). DFDL++ provides the same functionality exposing a native C++ API. See more details here.

Improvements in version 1.5.1:

  • Consolidation of DFDL4S public API
    • A set of consistent public classes and methods is now available
    • Classes and methods related to internal processing have been removed from the public API
    • Harmonization of the DFDL4S (Java) API with DFDL4S++ (C++) API, so that the same functionality is provided in both languages
  • Re-introduction of methods getChildAt() and getAvailableChildCount() in class Element, allowing an easy navigation of the Element’s tree
  • Re-introduction of methods getError() and getChildErrors() in class Element, allowing to query the error status of interpreted binary data


Release Notes for DFDL4S Java are available here.

Release Notes for DFDL4S C++ are available here.

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