OpenSF v3.7.3 has been released and can be downloaded here.

Release Notes are available here.

User registration is required. Please find detailed instructions here.

New Features

  • OpenSF is now available for Windows 10
  • Enabled grouping of execution results for iteration/perturbation-based sessions
  • Enabled grouping of execution results for timeline-based sessions
  • Enabled progress summary view for multiple executions sessions (e.g. timeline-based and iteration/perturbation-based sessions)
      - instead of opening multiple dedicated progress tabs
  • Enabled concurrent execution of independent modules in iteration/perturbation sessions
  • Added XSD Validation in OpenSF and OSFI; enabled XSD validation in Parameter Editor
  • Updated the Database access layer to make it independent of the DBMS (Database Management System)
  • Adoption of 'ESA Community License Type 3' for openSF software distribution


  • Consolidated the timestamp format used for output filenames and folders
  • Fixed ability to edit timeline segments (previously unable to edit due to overlapping empty tooltip)
  • Added check to avoid setting timeline to empty
  • Harmonization of the display of timestamps throughout the application
  • Corrected incorrect mismatch error for Time arrays in Parameter Editor
  • Updated the Timeline-based example in the validation test dataset
  • Consolidated list of product tools in the validation test dataset
  • Fixed behaviour when applying new application preferences (on MacOS)
  • Fixed rendering issues of some table widgets (e.g. Log)
  • Parameter Editor button icon was updated to 'pi'