OpenSF v4.0.0 has been released and can be downloaded here.

User registration is required. Please find detailed instructions here.

New Features & Improvements

  • Upgraded supported platforms to macOS 11 and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • Upgraded reference build/test tools for OSFI and OSFEG libraries
    • All platforms: CMake 3.18, Python 3.7
    • Linux: GCC 7.4 (C, C++, Fortran)
    • macOS: AppleClang 13.0 (C, C++), GCC 10.3 (Fortran)
  • Added new Graphical dynamic execution view
  • Added new Graphical simulation processing chain editor
  • Enabled file-based rules to customise module parameters visibility
  • Enabled copying log messages from both openSF and Parameter Editor
  • Enabled copying parameters name, path and value in Parameter Editor
  • Enabled clearing log messages in Parameter Editor
  • Upgraded MariaDB client to version 3.0.4
  • Added new warning on DB export when module/IO paths are not relative to E2E_HOME
  • Updated visual design of openSF (splash screen, icons, about dialog)
  • Added new tutorial on "How to deliver a E2E simulation" in User Manual
  • Added details regarding how to customise openSF branding in User Manual


  • Corrected perturbed marked parameters in the simulation parameters table
  • Corrected hangup in command-line execution of simulation
  • Removed unused XSD-based module validation from openSF
  • Corrected "Cancel" and "Save as..." buttons behavior in Parameter Editor
  • Corrected behavior handling similarly-named parameters in Parameter Editor
  • Corrected customisation of Global Configuration File parameters visibility
  • Corrected unusable openSF dialogs in Windows with certain values of screen scaling
  • Corrected simulation execution scheduler to handle breakpoints deterministically
  • Corrected configuration handling to allow saving perturbations in statistical mode

All Release Notes are available here