OpenSF v4.2.0 has been released and can be downloaded here.

User registration is required. Please find detailed instructions here.

New Features & Improvements

  • Display simulation execution progress in multi-execution table
  • Parameter Editor no longer reorders parameters by default
  • Simulation post-processing tools are launched concurrently
  • When a module fails, keep running the simulation as far as possible
  • Generation values for iteration arithmetic sequences are now persistent
  • openSF UI responsiveness improvements in multi-executions
  • Show a browse button for scalar FILE parameters in openSF


  • The iterations table no longer allows custom values
  • Simulation editor side panel no longer blocks most UI interactions
  • Parameter validity text improved
  • Clearer error message if mpstat is not installed (Linux)
  • The simulation edition view is no longer reloaded on save
  • Wayland issues workaround applied by default in menu/desktop launchers (Linux)
  • Fix error message not being shown by openSF on failed database creation and import
  • openSF no longer swallows parameters with "TimeConfiguration" in the name
  • Multi-execution table no longer scrolls back to the top on its own
  • Opening an element multiple times now focuses its tab instead of opening a new one
  • Closing a simulation execution view opened from a multi-execution no longer offers aborting it
  • Fix openSF and PE issues with XML processing instructions before the root element
  • Status of I/O nodes in simulation execution graphical view is refreshed more readily
  • ParameterEditor no longer duplicates a parameter when renaming it
  • openSF no longer displays the GCF parameters ungrouped
  • openSF and PE now remove the deprecated "value" attribute when writing configuration files
  • Fix the simulation results log table filtering and sorting functionalities
  • openSF now launches modules with the working directory specified by the E2E-ICD

All Release Notes are available here