OpenSF v4.4.0 has been released and can be downloaded here.

User registration is required. Please find detailed instructions here.

New functionalities

  • Pre-built OSFI packages for Python3, JAVA and MATLAB.
  • ANR-299: rewrite of PE edition dialog with a new tree-based UX
  • ANR-389: PE now allows parameters to be pasted into a selected group
  • ANR-390: openSF parameter visibility dialog UI improvement with checkboxes
  • ANR-397: openSF now prompts the user before upgrading a database
  • ANR-400: update base platform to Eclipse 2024-03
  • ANR-403: database files are now placed in the workspace folder by default
  • ANR-404: database export files are now more interoperable between different openSF installs


  • ANR-399: different modules using the same LCF in a simulation no longer conflict

Known bugs and issues

  • In macOS, table columns stop auto-resizing when their size is manually changed. This is due to a bug in the underlying Eclipse RCP, with Eclipse bug id #564840.
  • ANR-339: in Linux, the simulation editor GUI can be unstable, especially while using Wayland-based graphics. A workaround is to launch openSF with the environment variable "GDK_BACKEND" set to the value "x11".

All Release Notes are available here