CADU-convert is a Perl script to transform CADUs with various options:

  • Scramble/descramble
  • Remove annotations
  • Discard idle frames (on both scrambled and unscrambled data)
  • Strip CADUs into VCDUs
  • split output per virtual channel
  • automatically find sync markers (re-synchronize as often as necessary if data are damaged)
  • log synchronization errors and full frame counter sequence for further analysis

The tool is compatible with Perl 5.12 and later Perl 5 versions, and does not require any Perl package beyond standard distribution.

Usage instructions are showed running the tool with no command line arguments. The latest version found below (5.1 Modified 09 January 2022) includes the following new features:

  • new scrambling polynomial (customized for Biomass) compatible with any CCSDS frame type (header format, data/Reed-Solomon block sizes)
  • new option to specify annotations as number of bytes (in case no known device) 


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