The inStrumeNt sourcE pAcket toolKit (SNEAK) is composed of a set of command line utilities to extract/manipulate the values of specific ISP fields in L0 RAW files -- DFDL4S is used to access the binary files.

The toolkit currently includes (amongst others) the following tools:

- isp_extractor, extract specific ISP field(s) into a CSV text file

isp_transform, update specific ISP field(s) according to a timeline

isp_sequencer, corrects the SSC of a multi-file ISP stream

isp_crcfix, corrects the CRC of a multi-file ISP stream

isp_treemk, lists the fields of the ISP(s) stored in a file

isp_mux, select/reorder/combine the ISPs from multi-file ISP streams

- isp_annotate, prepends an annotation field to all ISPs in a given file


See the documentation for more information.